Wednesday, September 1

The Last of Summer

Happy Hump Day, and better yet, Happy First Day of September!

While Claudia and I have been busily capturing the last bits of Summer (and squeezing the last of the strawberries and rhubarb from the supermarket shelves) suddenly fall seems to be around the corner.  I can feel a crispness in the air and have seen the first of the rebellious leaves falling from their branches.  While it's gone by quickly, I've had my share of all things summer and have begun to anticipate the fall (think sweaters and jeans!).

Summer isn't officially over, in my book anyways (witty as I may try to be), until we've had our last BBQ of the year.  Until then, I have one more chance to relish in the heat, the lake and alfresco dining.

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

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  1. "Rebellious leaves..." what a wonderfully clever phrase, cuz! I love your writing style!

    Yep, stocked up on strawberries over the weekend for my enjoyment through the week. And although I am ready to welcome fall, I WILL miss the alfresco. Maybe we should both splurge on one of those outside heaters from Costco!

    Happy September to you!

  2. I think a Smirnoff would go well with the above photos :) It was really nice to spend time with you, Cop, Kyle, Kim, and Maren last week!

  3. Phenie, you would, you Ice Queen! And, I guess we had a good time with you as well....