Tuesday, August 17

You're an Oinker, I'm an Oinker

This past weekend, Claudia Kay and I spent the entire Saturday cooking and shooting photos for the spring section of my book.  We had SO much fun!  We started our day at the farmer's market where we first met little Oinker and then headed home to begin our very first photoshoot.

As I madly cooked, Claudia set up her props in our backyard and took photos all day.  I would occasionally glance outside to see her standing on a ladder, or crouched over the grass catching the perfect shot.  We fed off of each other's creative energy all day and by sundown, we were exhausted but thrilled. Everything went off without a hitch, and we couldn't have felt more accomplished!  We finished off our night with our husbands, a feast fit for Queens and two bottles of wine.  We woke up with bellyaches and each earned the namesake of our sweet little Oinker.

Writing this book has been one of the most challenging things I've ever done, but also one of the most gratifying.  It felt so good to have something to show for the last 6 months of my hard work, and I'm even more excited now for the next photoshoot.  My newfound love is helping Claudia make everything look beautiful for the photos.  Thank you Claudia for such a fun day!

Take a peak at Claudia's amazing photography on her blog or website.  She also has an Etsy store where she sells her prints custom framed with beautiful mattes and cards that make excellent gifts!


  1. I am so impressed, what beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see more! I can't believe you are holding a little piggy...looks like he is right at home in your arms, falling asleep at that. You are going to make such a good mama...someday!

  2. Aahhhh.... Easter Bread! I can spot that stuff a mile a way. We really should make it year round. It's too good to make only once a year. BTW, Claudia's photography is beautiful. I have looked at her photos on Etsy and she is so inspiring (did I spell that right?). One of these days I will take a photography class.

  3. Amy!! I love it all...and is that Easter bread??! We just spent some time ourselves this past weekend with some little oinkers at the fair where we received an awesome fair tan! Surprisingly they were Hanna's least favorite animal.

    What a couple of talents you two are; I'll be checking out the link to Etsy!

  4. Thank you ladies!! Your sweet comments never fail to make my day!!

    Yessss, easter bread!!! Next year, you must try it with lavender flowers on top....Yum! And isn't Claudia awesome? I have her "joy of wine" pic in my kitchen.

    And yes, Mama...someday :)

  5. That pig looks so happy! I think I see a little smile on that face!