Friday, July 2

Mas Tacos Y'all

Last night I intended to make, photograph and post to the blog an Italian dish called Aglio e Olio (pronounced "ally-E-o"-"eh"-"olly-Oh").  It’s a simple to make, fresh and inexpensive common Italian dish and the perfect “first” recipe to share on The Local Olive.  Aglio e Olio is an Isaacson household staple and encompasses everything that inspired me to pursue my dream of creating a cookbook.  I can hardly wait to share it with you!  But alas, life happens…

I won’t lie to you, I was mentally prepared to make Aglio e Olio last night.  I was prepped and ready to begin cooking when my husband (another suspect character I’ve yet to introduce) suggested we attend the Thursday evening Supper & Song at Imogene + Willie citing my New Year's resolution #3, “Be More Spontaneous.”

In this scenario I had the perfect excuse: I have a previous commitment, The Local Olive requires my attention.  But then came the real firepower, “…Mas Tacos will be serving.”  Ugh, deal breaker.

So I made the rather-difficult decision to prove my man wrong and trade pasta for tacos...and while Aglio e Olio is the cornerstone of my new project, surely it can wait for another day.  So as a substitute, here is a quick peak at one of my favorite Nashville pastimes.

The thing about…

Supper & Song at Imogene + Willie:
It’s a free soiree (hang) that happens every Thursday evening in the front yard of the Nashville-based artisan clothing store Imogene + Willie, located in the “12 South” neighborhood of Nashville.  Every week features a musician (on this occasion, Madi Diaz) and food (Mas Tacos).  We love it…it’s a very Southern way to tease the coming weekend.

Mas Tacos:
Is a Taco Shop in an old Winnebago owned and operated by the self-proclaimed "Taco Lady" that Tweets her location everyday and serves items like soft corn tortilla fish tacos, cast-iron chicken, spicy dill yogurt, watermelon agua fresca, quinoa, fried avocado, Cokes imported from Mexico (real azucar), chorizo & cactus.  Mas Tacos is at times difficult to locate, always mouthwateringly delicious and truly a unique Nashville experience.  I’d invite you to join me there tomorrow, but I’m not sure where the Winnebago will be parked just yet... follow her on Twitter for details!

Imogene + Willie:
I+W is more then a shop, it’s an inspiring experience…the type of place that leaves you more fired up about life than the one of a kind, perfectly-fitting jeans you just purchased.  But honestly, I can’t do this shop justice and Gweneth Paltrow already said it best on her amazing blog GOOP, “I found one of the coolest stores I have ever been to, Imogene + Wille; read below - but wow, it's something special…” (click to read more at GOOP)
Imogene + Willie

And if even Gweneth can’t convince you, surely the video on the I+W homepage will!

A successful Nashville-based singer-songwriter with sweet vocals and a 70’s vibe, fresh off a performance at this year’s Bonnaroo Festival and a national tour opening for Landon Pigg.   Nashville’s music scene never ceases to amaze…

x - Spontaneous Amy


  1. Hey, I recognize this place! It was truely one of a kind, Puppy dog inculded! I experienced this place on my wonderful tour of Tennessee, all but Mas Tacos. Boy did they look good in the video. Heres to having fun, enjoying life & being spontaneous! I'm lovin it!

  2. I am sooo ready for another trip out there sissy! Those vintage boots and custom jeans are screamin' for me.