Wednesday, June 30

A Whole Box of Dirty Vegetables

It's officially summer and my CSA box was absolutely brimming with vegetables! This week’s box (straight from the fields of Delvin Farms) included summer squash, green beans, kale, cucumbers, berries and so much more! Truly more than a girl knows what to do with in a week…so I decided to preserve some for winter and use the rest to inspire some local and seasonal recipes.

I spent all morning yesterday blanching, draining, vacuuming, sealing and repeating (my Foodsaver has finally redeemed its high price tag!).  And as Ava Perry sat at my feet munching scraps (some fell, some may have been "dropped");  I felt so incredibly connected to time and place.  Maybe it was the smell of fresh veggies in my kitchen or possibly the sweet sound of Stevie Nicks blasting from our record player in the next room over...but I began to feel nostalgic for the summers I spent with my sister, barefoot and rockin' out to the Mac as we meandered down to the lake in our hometown of Lake Wildwood, CA.  Leave it up to me to feel inspired by food (covered in dirt from the farm nonetheless), but today I'm more thankful for fresh-delicious food than I have ever been before.

I also just realized that I have yet to introduce some of the cast of characters in my new adventure!  Who is this CSA? Ava Perry? The Mac? Well, stay tuned…for all shall soon be revealed.

Cheers!  x


  1. Summer; the Marina; Charleston Chews from the snack shack; attempting to coolly saunter while trying to avoid the frequent landmines (aka duck poop); and being idiotic enough to think that I could endure the long walk home barefoot after a long day of being-seen (because we all know it had very little to actually do with swimming!). It was all so lovely, even in spite of the burned feet.

    Give Miss Ava Perry a squeeze for me!

  2. Just got home from Sherri's Birthday dinner at Maria's & a wonderful evening stroll around the Farmers Market. Came home with some yummy cherries, berries, peaches, nectarines, apricots & walnuts. We were thinking of you & will be sending you some GVFM pictures!

    What a wonderful way for a mama to keep track of her little chick. When I need some good heart~warming I know where to come!

    Love to you and Copeland