Saturday, October 9

Joie de Vivre

Last Saturday, the mister and I attended a sunset dinner in a "baby" orchard just outside of Nashville.  Delvin Farms and the talented Chef Michael Martin from Whole Foods graciously hosted the event to help support the local chapter of Slow Food. The evening was absolute perfection.

We arrived at the orchard as the sun began to set and were promptly greeted with a fizzy grapefruit aperitif designed to stimulate the appetite.

The air was filled with spicy and familiar smells that swirled from the chef's tent.  We both agreed it reminded us of our time spent in Siena.  Immediately we were starving.

The atmosphere was rustic, yet favorite style.  We got to know our neighbors and learned a little more about the Slow Food Movement, which is doing amazing things to help our local farmers recover from the floods that devastated Nashville last May.

And the food...HELLO.  I don't know how to describe it without getting all poetic, and food-obsessed-sounding.  Let's just say it was magnificent.  Simple, unadulterated, and exactly how food should taste.  All-of-the-time.

And this is what life is about, right?  Sure, the cost of the dinner was the equivalent of a sweet-ass pair of new boots, but it resonated much deeper than any item of purchase ever could.   With some serious foodie inspiration and delicious wine combos, we mingled with the friendly folks that pour their hearts and souls into the food that we eat.  It's that whole time-and-place-appreciation thing. Talk about good mojo!


  1. WOW! Sissy it all looks and sounds so Amazing!

  2. I second what Sherri says! It all sounds sooo amazing, and I had no idea that there was such a thing as an appetite inducer! Sounds like there was no messing around!

    And those pictures are absolutely fabulous! I especially love the one of the full plate. Oh, and that menu was darling! I am inspired to host me a dinner party!

  3. OMG... under inspirations it should say Emily Longstreet! JK.... were all missin you here in callifornia. COME HOME, lol.
    P.S. Made the cake bader cookies yyyuuuummmm!Love U!