Tuesday, November 29

Welcome Sweet Chloe Jean

all photos courtesy Claudia Kay Photography

About a month ago, the ever-talented Claudia Kay and Kim from Simple Twist joined me in hosting our very first baby shower for our dear friend Allison.  Being surrounded by such a talented little crew, it was easy to get all DIY-crafty for this shower.  Allison's theme for her baby girl's nursery are birds and wildflowers -which if you know Al, couldn't be more perfect.  And so, we ran with the theme, along with her prego-food of choice: bagels and donuts!  

Fun and unexpected things we did to make the day special:  We crafted with guests to make baby Chloe one-of-a-kind onesies and suffice it to say, her closet is full and totally original!  Another big hit for the Mom-to-be were the pre-addressed envelopes guests filled out upon arrival to make Thank You's a snap.  And nearly all the decorations were handcrafted to be repurposed for Chloe's nursery. 

Yesterday we were featured @OntoBaby, credited by the Claw's mad photography skills.  If you're planning for a little one, or are helping to plan for a baby shower, this site is ripe with great ideas! 

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!  As I write, I'm watching chilly Nashville skies fill with the year's first snow flakes. (!!)   

OH, and P.S. Allison and Brett welcomed their beautiful baby Chloe Jean into the world last Monday!  Cheers!

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